Production Masterclasses

From song writing to mastering, learn from the best in all aspects of production and post-production.

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Available until 14-09-2025

Resampling & Using Granular Synthesis to Create a Song

INHUMAN is a bass music producer formerly known as Code:Pandorum. He has quickly been recognized for his darker experimental sounds, blending analog and digital production at different BPM's and flirting with horror. Today he takes you on a 1h30 journey to teach you how to create a song using resampling and granular synthesis.  

Available until 28-07-2024

Drums & Reese Bass Design + Track Breakdown 'Shokunin'

Vowel teaches Drums & Reese Bass Design, showcasing his Sound Design skills and breaking down his track 'Shokunin' released on Overview Music.

Available until 07-07-2024

The Importance of Workflow & Arrangements

NITEPUNK has been shaking the Bass Music world recently, influenced by old school breakbeat combined with futuristic blends and sound design, he reinvents the genre. Today he takes you beyond your technical knowledge to discuss the importance of creativity, and workflow - conceiving what you want to do with a track and how to achieve it.

Available until 27-03-2024

Serum Synthesis & Arrangements + Track Breakdown of 'Continuous'

Hailing from Russia, Evgenii and Igor combined their vision into the common project - SYNERGY. Their unique sound design blends Techno and diverse Electronic influences to Drum & Bass creating a balance between melody and high energy.

Available until 09-03-2024

Creating a Track to a Hit with Massive Sound Design + Track Breakdown of 'Lighthouse'

QUIX is currently reshaping the definition of Bass Music, oscillating between subgenres he creates his own space. Today he will teach you how to turn your song into a hit using Massive from Native Instruments.

Available until 16-12-2024

Creating a Dubstep Song from Scratch

BARELY ALIVE is a leading duo in the Dubstep and Bass Music scene, signed to Disciple records, known for their eclectism and retro-futuristic blends with high energy. He takes you through a 2 Hour long masterclass making a Dubstep song from scratch in Ableton using mostly native plugins and Resonator. 

Available until 11-08-2023

Creating Harmonic Sound Design for Dubstep

Rising Colour Bass and Future Riddim tastemaker ACE AURA joins us for a class on how to give more melody to your Dubstep projects, how to Harmonize to achieve a better result.

Available until 03-08-2024

Musical Dynamics and Bass Design + Track Breakdown of 'Providence'

Within 5 years down the production rabbit hole, SKANTIA is now one of Drum & Bass’ brightest emerging talents. It wasn't long before the legendary RAM Records team noticed him in 2019, and the biggest DJ’s in the scene started supporting & playing his music. With inspirations ranging from the likes of Camo & Krooked to Diplo, plus his friends and crew in his hometown of Newcastle, the 24-year-old is starting what will no doubt be an exciting journey in Drum & Bass music. 

Available until 20-07-2024

Writing Chord Progressions for Wave Music + Track Breakdown of 'Atrea'

Young Trap prodigy HEIMANU teaches writing chord progressions for Wave Music (Trap, Future Bass...) and breaks down his track 'Atrea'.

Available until 15-07-2024

Blending Cinematic & Electronic in Bass Music + Track breakdown of 'SIGURD'

Dubstep rising star SAMPLIFIRE teaches you all about his blend of cinematic and electronic music, creates a drop with Harmor (FL Studio), and breaks down his track 'Sigurd'.

Available until 09-07-2024

Sampling and Sound Design in Bass Music + Track Breakdown of 'ShockOne - Follow Me (Blanke Remix)'

Bass Music revelation Blanke unveils his secrets to work with Samples and takes you through his Sound Design.

Available until 22-06-2024

How to Create an Original Remix

Ray Volpe returns on Soundteams to explore how to create an efficient remix, step by step, finding the right balance between the original song and your touch. In the second part he explores how to turn this into an original song in the case the remix is turned down by the label. 

Available until 03-06-2025

Reese Design in Drum & Bass + Track Breakdown of 'Hand Grenade' ft. Coppa

Pythius takes you through his Reese Bass design with both Hardware and Software before breaking down his new track 'Hand Grenade' ft. Coppa

Available until 16-05-2024

Sound Design & Workflow + Track Breakdown of 'I Feel'

The multi-genre producer known as THE CLAMPS creates a track with you and tells you about his workflow and Sound Design.

Available until 11-05-2024

Fundamentals of Colour Bass Sound Design + Track Breakdown of 'Sleepless'

Young melodic dubstep producer Chime explores different sound design techniques and applies it to 'Colour Bass', between Serum, convolution reverb, frequency shifter, pitchmap and resonator. You will learn everything to blend melodies and groove to achieve your own colour bass!

Available until 06-05-2024

Build a Track + Track Breakdown of 'Gipsy'

The Bass House headline duo MOKSI create a track from scratch for us on Logic and take us through a breakdown of their world acclaimed 'Gipsy'. 

Available until 14-04-2024

Bass Design for Drum & Bass and Creating a Versatile Patch

The Drum & Bass rising star Skylark returns to Soundteams for a new masterclass after releasing an official remix for Noisia recently following his 'Love & Hate' EP on Overview music. This time exploring his whole process from Bass Design and atmos work to mixdown and mastering you will create a versatile patch with him.

Available until 23-03-2024

Introduction to VITAL & Tips for Riddim Sound Design

Dubstep tastemaker producer INFEKT teaches you a new VST: VITAL and how it compares or differs from Serum while creating patches and effects racks, to give you the best tip on how to grasp the best of Riddim Sound Design!

Available until 10-03-2024

Creating a Future Bass Track from Scratch + Track Breakdown of 'You & Me'

Dubstep, Trap, Future Bass... Snavs can do it all. Releasing on various labels such as Mad Decent, Spinnin, Monstercat and receiving support from the likes of Garrix, Yellow Claw and many more while touring the world. Today he will show you how he creates a track from scratch on Logic Pro.

Available until 10-02-2024

Song Writing in Bass Music + Track Breakdown of 'Formula' ft. RL Grime

Vancouver based producer Juelz has quickly grown into one of the most promising names of Trap and Future Bass Music, with releases on all the major outlets such as Sable Valley, Lowly or Proximity.

Today JUELZ breaks down his hit 'FORMULA' with RL GRIME for Soundteams, before building a beat fully in the box, all with Ableton native plugins. Nothing fancy, just pure craft and song writing. Dive into Ableton with him for 2h35min !

Available until 28-01-2024

Vocal Processing & Creativity + Track Breakdown of 'Laser'

UK producer Rohaan, is making waves in the Drum and Bass world placing in UKF’s top 20 artists 2020. With releases on a wide range of labels such as Deadbeats, UKF, MAD ZOO, Pilot records, Sable Valley, Circus Records... 

Today he is taking you through his vocal processing, bass processing and creativity to help you achieve the best of your potential!


Available until 25-01-2024

Song Writing & Sound Design + Track Breakdown of 'Snakebyte'

DONKONG tell us more about their general processes on Bitwig, before breaking down their track 'Snakebyte' released on Generation Hex.

Available until 23-12-2023

Heavy Dubstep Sound Design + Track Breakdown of 'Extinction'

French dubstep rising star Graphyt takes us through a Sound Design session to introduce his approach of 'Heavy Dubstep', through machine guns, growls, going into Serum design, granular synthesis and resampling as well!

Available until 16-12-2023

Creating Serum Bass & Drums from Scratch + Track Breakdown of 'Overturn'

The famous Drum & Bass producer takes us a on a 3h Serum & Addictive Drums class.

Available until 14-12-2023

How to Blend Melodic and Heavy Dubstep + Track Breakdown of 'Nose Bleed'

Ray Volpe, pulls from his emo/punk rock roots and translates it into the Dubstep World. He explains us how to blend Melodic & Heavy Dubstep to make a banger before breaking down his latest release 'Nose Bleed' on Excision's imprint: Subsidia.

Available until 12-11-2025

Drums Design & Workflow + Track Breakdown 'Watercats'

The Caracal Project takes us through his unique Drums Design that make him one of the most promising Drum & Bass newcomer today. He breaks down his hit 'Watercats' for us released on Pilot Records.

Available until 23-09-2023

Reworking 'Dawn of a Dark Day' in 2021

The legendary trio Black Sun Empire reworks one of their classics 10 years later, using current production techniques.

Available until 13-07-2024

Workflow & Resampling in House Music + Track Breakdown of 'Like This'

The House Music duo 'LODGERZ' teach about their workflow & working on samples. Showcasing their simple approach to making a hit such as 'Like This' released on STMPD (Martin Garrix).

Available until 16-03-2024

FREE Masterclass - Mixdown of 'Get Back' & Breakdown of 'YCA'

Uprising French Artist' Basstrick takes us on a journey through what he defines as 'Global Street Music', mixing Trap, Dubstep and Hip-hop. Discover his secrets that led him to be supported by names such as DJ Snake or The Chainsmokers, with the Mixdown of 'Get Back' and the track breakdown of 'YCA'.