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By Music professionals for Music professionals.

Soundteams is a 360° solution inspired by our experience as Music producers, Event promoters, Booking agents, Artist managers, and Label managers with the same common goal of sharing our personal experience to give you the best tools to succeed!

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From Entertainment to Edutainment

Soundteams is a brand of OHLALA Productions. We are a French company offering 360° services in the Music Industry, from Events production, Booking Agency, Artist Management, Label and Publishing services. OHLALA was born after its first two brands: Get in Step & Composite, both leading events brands in their niche in France. We are a team of promoters who discovered the ins and outs of the music industry on the field, for 10 years already.

We became Agents, Talent and label Managers through experience. We learnt the hard way. However, we believe in the possibility of a different path.

We created Soundteams to make the Music Industry as transparent as we can, just for you. We decided to unveil the secrets, and to share our experiences as well as the one of leaders of the industry. Artists, Labels, Booking Agents, Publishers, Press Relations, Event promoters, all sharing their tips and the tools you need to succeed!

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Romain Pierre

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