Anyone thirsting for conventional sounds is at the wrong address. QZB roll up Drum’n’Bass anew – precise, focused and with a dynamic that is infectious. Since 2012, they have been putting their heads together and constantly working on the perfection of their recipes. The impressive interim result: sold out club nights, festival appearances all over Europe and releases on the hottest label for visions of the future, Critical Music. This success is no accident. From the very beginning, razor-sharp percussion and an unmistakably forward-looking overall aesthetics provided enthusiasm on the dance floors. Hip hop and breaks are just as much a source of inspiration as italo disco or jazz – knowing that reaching new worlds also means breaking with the past. It was hardly to be expected that the hottest name on the scene would one day come from Basel. That’s exactly why you shouldn’t lose sight of the duo’s flight. Borders are not yet in sight.