Shaping forward thinking sound with constant quality, DONKONG has become an focal point of the german bass music scene and beyond. Their taste and skills in song writing and sound design brought international attention to their work. With releases on imprints like Confession, Heldeep and lately Musical Freedom their songs got played around the globe by names like MAJOR LAZER, DAVID GUETTA, STEVE AOKI, DON DIABLO and DJ SHADOW and their „You Don’t“ remix for MARTEN HØRGER was voted Tune Of The Month in Mixmag. But Johannes (Cop Dickie) and Thomas (Tom Finster) did not come out of nowhere; they've been working with some of the most successful german singers and bands like KRAFTKLUB and were credited with a platinum record for the music on CASPER’s "XOXO". Both started as hiphop bedroom producers 600 km distant from each other, as their taste for electronic music gravitated them in 2012. Donkong dives deep into the realm of dystopian cyber punk and future vibes. Themed around the topic of artificial intelligence their „Breathing“ EP series weaves you into a conversation about love and slavery. Their recent titles like „Simulation“ and „Battery Life“ continue that story in a housy framework. With ultra-synthetic sound design & profound musicality, Thomas and Johannes are on their way to quantum supremacy.

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