Chime is music producer and DJ Harvey Goldfinch from Leeds, England producing electronic music since 2010 under numerous aliases. With a unique style aiming to combine melodic and heavy elements into a concoction he calls “colour bass” and influence from his deep love for video games, Chime has been rising rapidly within the ranks of the worldwide bass scene with a slew of major releases since the alias’s debut in 2015. Chime has released with a number of notable labels within the dubstep scene such as Disciple, Circus, Monstercat, Never Say Die, Subsidia, Ophelia and his own label imprint Rushdown among others. With each release, Chime has become an instrumental part of dubstep’s continuing history, fostering support for others in their careers and continuing the vibrant sound of 2011/12 into the future. Alongside his own releases as Chime, this producer has become a notable curator and label manager in the development of his own imprint Rushdown. There he has been developing talented, underground artists, helping them with their first steps into the music industry and beyond. Producers such as Ace Aura, Sharks, Skybreak, Papa Khan and more have now made the jump from Rushdown to prominent labels such as Disciple, Circus, Joytime Collective and have gained DJ support from some of the scene’s largest figures such as Excision & Virtual Riot. 2020 was gearing up to be the biggest year yet for Chime. Fresh off his debut tour in China & planting his flag in even newer ground with shows in Japan and South Korea, this artist was gearing up for a co-headline tour of North America with Au5 - set to be the largest tour yet with upwards of 25 shows across the US and Canada. This was to be followed by an extensive tour of Europe alongside Franky Nuts & Oliverse as the super-group “Tritone” playing at festivals such as Rampage, Tomorrowland and Parookaville. Ultimately these events had to be postponed due to COVID-19. However 2020’s events surprisingly created a huge swell in popularity for Chime’s unique colour bass style, with many producers flocking to give it a try to appeal to an audience now forced to listen at home. Early 2021 sees Chime working to re-book these events, adding additional dates into the mix off the back of his growing popularity throughout the 2020 period. Most notably, 2021 has harboured Chime’s release of “Fall To Me” and “The Minotaur” in collaboration with Flux Pavilion & Doctor P respectively - two of the UK’s original pioneering forces in the development of the dubstep genre. It also marks the beginning of Chime’s ambitious debut album writing process, set to be completed in 2022. The future looks brighter than ever for Chime. With shows returning, stats growing and his brand of “colour bass” rapidly infiltrating the dubstep scene more and more each day, this artist is ready to take this project to a whole new level as we embark on the 2020s.

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